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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Shhhh, Don't tell mother

A Valentine's day mug rug for the mater. When I was picking out the scrap strips these looked great. Now that it's all done I'm thinking it's rather Christmasy ? Maybe that's just me as I used the one fabric in a Xmas table runner for my niece and now I see that fabric as Christmas. The strips on the side are a bit wonky, never mind, I got something accomplished last week and that's a good thing.....
The next couple of weeks will be busy for me, ticket selling at our next guild meeting, driving all around town picking up/delivering people for a pre-Valentines pizza dinner, taking the car in for its last required oil change, birthday celebration for the grand niece! Can't believe she'll be one year alread!

The weather has been - yucky - can't say much more than that! Took a second personal "snow day" and requested to make up the time. Noooooo, the "boss of the hour" is sticking to the union rules. Why me? After years of watching other people allowed to "make up the time" I'm sure tired of them pulling out the "union rules" when it suits them.  Just 3 more years - if I can hold on that long. Grrrrr, winter!
Enough of my rant,

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