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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Claire!

 She's one year old!! Can you believe it? What a lucky girl.

My sister had the family over for a birthday party. What fun watching Claire open her gifts and play. She was really into pulling out the tissue paper, oh what fun! Claire danced around and laughed and played with the paper. Maybe we should have just given her tissue paper!!
Then again, the sock monkey was an immediate hit! People thought it was something I made, but nooooo - that was my purchased present. My hand made contribution was the Felines and Flutterbies quilt. I had to reassure "the family" that she will NOT be getting a quilt for every birthday .... but I thought that she might enjoy these kitties and butterflies now!
On the home front not much else happened this past week. It's been freaking frigid cold this past week, and next week isn't forecast to be much better. I do not do cold very well, so all my energy is spent just getting to and from work! Oh to be one of those lucky retirees ! None-the-less I did manage to get my "April Showers" door hanging sandwiched and ready to quilt.
Then I stalled for lack of inspiration on how to quilt it. Not to worry, on my Sat trip to WalMart for cat food I stopped to look at one of the many quilt mags - and found my inspiration - raindrops! I'll quilt raindrops!! This should be fun :).
TTFN, hoping the weather improves a bit, at least warms up some !


Kyrotime said...

Oh my lucky little Claire!! She has a purrfect gift that she'll cherish for years to come. The monkey was sweet too! Raindrops, inspiration comes from everywhere. Not to mention that raindrops over snowflakes are just wishful thinking these days. lol
Soon the clocks will be 'springing ahead' & hopefully warmer days with it!
I've looked at this long cold winter as 'preserving' myself in the cold & not needing as much wrinkle cream! LOL

Unknown said...

Your quilt was a hit....she looks mesmerized! What a treasure you gave her! And raindrops for quilting are perfect for your umbrellas! I also loved your hexie heart little quilt! Beautiful! Stay warm!