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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

Thought I would start this post with a look at last week's pic of the patio. The snow was still heavily built up.  The last 5 weeks of extreme cold weather really did me in, and of course I ended up sick :(. I know it was cold for everyone, but I'm a 90 lb weakling with a health condition which means the cold reallllly affects me. So, besides ending up @ the Doc's I started the process @ work to have accommodations in place.  Maybe next winter will be easier. I don't get much sympathy/support from family/friends - all of whom are retired and have the choice to stay home! One of these days I'll have the good fortunate to retire. As they say, it's a great life if you don't weaken. Guess I'll struggle on 'til retirement  .... soon, coming soon! the countdown is on!  It Last week's weather was nothing to complain about - it was FAB, in the + ALL WEEK long!! So the snow is finally starting to melt  - woohooooooooo!
After I started quilting, I found my favourite local quilt store had the perfect quilt stencil for the small project I've been - raindrops! So, I purchased 4 different marking pens, 3 were air erasable, 1 was water erasable, and did a mini experiment overnight. In the end I used the water erasable marker. I did not wash the hanging once the quilting was completed, instead I wiped the marks away with a damp cloth. Turns out I had to go over the hanging a second time - maybe next time I'll wear my glasses when I wipe off the markings, ;) hint hint.
I'm rather please with this one. I use white fabric with polka dots - thinking it could represent rain. Turns out there were polka dots in some of the umbrellas, so I used more polka dots with the red in the one umbrella and in the cornerstones, inner border and binding. The rain boot fabric also complemented my rain theme. At first I was going to call it April Showers, but now I rather like Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head so I guess that will be its name :). All done, with a hanging sleeve except the label. Will complete that tonight while watching Downton ! Should be ready for the mater's front door in time for April !
That's been my life lately - what are you working on?

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