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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Year of the Cat

So, I've decided, 2013 is the year of the cat. I am going to finish the UFO (above)
This UFO was started years ago. How many years ago I can't remember, but I can tell you I was just learning how to applique. The cats are from Carol Armstrong's Cats in Quilts book. I guess I got tired of appliqueing and put it away missing 2 blocks. While cleaning the sewing room this holiday season I came across it again and decided 2013 (and maybe 2014) is the year of the cat!! As you can see I have added one cat, and am now doing the vines, leaves and flowers which go with each block. I have to admit I'M IN LOVE WITH APPLIQUE - again :) :) I'll decided what to do with the bottom left corner "block" at the end, maybe a few mice?
Below is a pic of Maggie Walker's Cats in my Garden. A past member of our guild decided, after collecting the 9 BOM patterns, that she would never ever complete this quilt. She donated the patterns to me and, although I am totally in love with it I have to admit I have not started it for too many years now. Hence, the years of the Cat!!
I am sooooo looking forward to starting (and completing) this Maggie Walker project, which will be for MEEEEEE- so no pressure other than to just get it finished!! At some point in between these two big projects I also want to finish my other long overdue Cat projects - the last 2 of the McKenna Ryan Cat tyrptic ... These are definitely long overdue !
Then of course there is also this project I purchased at least 2 years ago ..
Hmmm, now that I look at all this perhaps I should say the next THREE YEARS will be years of the cat!! Wish me luck ;)
P.S. I found out what the sewing item (present) from last week's blog is called - I think it's an Etui

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Grit said...

Wow, I´m looking forward to see your progress.
Liebe Grüße Grit