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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Boy oh Boy, it sure has been cold outside! The older I get the more I feel the cold, brrrrrrrr! Even Simone and Iris have been hibernating and not sticking their nose outside. Unfortunately for their mommy I still have to go to work :( On a brighter note, I have been fabric shopping, yes, again ...
Aren't the reds lovely ? They will warm me up. Actually they're for some of the roses on the Carol Armstrong cat quilt referred to in the last post (no pics yet, I'm still working on vines and leaves). Upon looking at this pic I see I haven't enough light/dark difference between all these. Oh dear, I may have to go shopping again!!  Of course I did just use some of my reds to make something for the mater for February.
This free pattern was supposed to be a table runner, but I changed it up somewhat and just made a small hanging for her front door. And yes, I machine quilted it = more practice for me :)
Anyway, keep warm ladies and  remember

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Notion Nanny said...

I wrote about you in my blog last week. Your blog name brought back some amazing memories for me.