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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Downton Abbey tonight - YEAH

I admit it, I'm addicted, totally addicted. I watch Downton Abbey 3 times per week!! Watching season 1 and season 3 simultaneously :) :). It's almost as good as the old Upstairs Downstairs!

How can you not love Mathew and Mary. Will they, won't they, why, why not. And now that they're married what will happen next?
Who's your favourite? Currently I'm rooting for Edith, the middle child, although personally I was the baby of the family, but I don't identify with Sybil. Poor Edith, left at the alter only to face a "Spinster" life. I can identify with that as I usually identify with the underdog. The fashions, the house, the intrigues are just what I need on a dark dreary wintery night. Grab a cup of hot tea and snuggle in :) I'm  also totally in love with Maggie Smith, I mean who wouldn't? She's the kind of old lady I want to be !! 
I have discovered that Quilter's Newsletter is doing a Downton Abbey sew-in, tooooo funny. Personally I'm too engrossed in the show to actually do any stitching while watching.
Altough I do support the free Mr Bates movement !! Poor Mr Bates and Anna , will he ever be free again? Good story line, but where's the justice. Speaking of injustice there's Mrs Crawley, she's the crusader and I definitely like her spunk!
So, I bet you can guess where I'll be tonight, not getting a whole lot of stitching done, but enjoying my Sunday nights. How about you?

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