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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Storm? What storm !

Storm? what storm ? I don't know about you, but after hours and hours and days and days of commentary from the 24/7 news channels whipping up the listening public into a perfect storm frenzy, what did we get?
NOT .... we didn't even get 1/2 this or even a 1/4 of this! Maybe about a foot of snow - no big deal, really, after all this is Canada! Ok, before you start screaming "This woman is nuts!", I know other areas of the country, especially in the New England states, it was a real snow storm with damage and hardship, and I feel sorry for them, but we lucked out.
The pic above was 2010, now that was snow!! I even got a snow day out of that one :).  Of course all the schools were closed this Friday because of the news' pre-storm coverage, but not the University where I work ..... :(. So no snow day for me .... Some of my quilty friends lucked out and spent the snow day sewing - lucky ladies. This weekend was pre-op plans for me (the pater is having surgery on Monday and I'm on deck as driver, official waiter/visitor/family member). Wish us luck, maybe next week I'll  have some progress to show on the Cats quilt.
P.S. Downton Abbey tonight :) :)

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regan said...

It was an odd storm, for sure! We got about 2 feet of snow over the 2 days, which is SO needed right now, as there are businesses closing with no snow! The snowmobilers are SO happy now! And the guys that plow, too! It's a gorgeous day today, with warm temps and sunny skies! AND Downton Abbey tonight! Perfect!