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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Family Day :)

Here's how much snow we currently have, just enough to know it's winter :) The sun is shining right now so it's a perfect Sunday morning :) :)
Slowly I have been appliqueing leaves and vines and flowers on the "Cats". I started with this block just doing the vines and leaves.  Doesn't look like much without the flowers, which will be Roses.  I then moved down to the Mother and Kitten block which will have Tulips. I got a bit tired of just doing leaves and vines, so for the next block I started to add the flowers, purple Irises. I rather like them! In the pic below you can still see the freezer paper which I iron to the top of the applique, then needle turn under the paper edge. This Iris is still in progress .... Once all the applique is over I then get to do some more embroidery - more hand stitching, YEAH! I rather like how the flowers, leaves and vines are crossing over the lattice strips. Helps make the blocks flow into each other.
 Now that I've started this appliqueing, my first love, I have to admit this is what this quilt top really needed. It may take a long time to complete as the Pater's health issues have turned into a family crisis. What was supposed to be an overnight hospital stay after surgery has lasted a week, and it looks like major life changes ahead for Father and his partner. TG I have some stitching to come home to, it really helps with the de-stressing. Family Day for me will be up at the hospital again. Take care everyone,

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