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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Did You See it?

Did you see it? Look close now - closer .... closer ... I didn't see it - I missed it totally! But that's the advantage of a digital camera and blogging :) Apparently I switched two of the patches in block three, then repeated the mistake in block four. Easy enough to do .... and easy enough not to catch when that's all you have completed. But the mistake would become a whopper in the final quilt! I didn't see the problem until I was proof reading last week's blog entry. I came down with the plague (cold/flu) last week, consequently my only accomplishment for the entire week was to tear apart these two blocks and re-sew them with the correct fabric placement!
Here's the corrected four blocks. Ahhhhh, much better. I know what you're thinking - not much difference. Anyway, now that I'm on the mend, and my blocks are mended I can proceed to the next four blocks. Now if only I can figure out the pressing plan I'll be really happy :)

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