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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Prideful Beginnings

Ok, Fall isn't really a beginning, it's more of an ending, but I have to admit I'm in love with my Japanese Maple. The patio has successfully been put to bed for another season :( but my Maple is showing it's colours in full Fall glory. It's another sunny warmish Sunday and I'm loving it?
So you may ask, what is the beginnings?
This - TaDa!!!! I have three blocks done for my niece's wedding quilt. I know - it's hard to tell what the heck this quilt will look like just from three blocks. There are 55 pieces to each block, and 7 different colours. Although I purchased the book so I would have the complete instructions, following instructions has become more and more difficult for my post menopausal brain ! None-the-less I'm proud of getting started - it's my beginning!
I'm proud of myself for once again attempting a new recipe (new to me anyway). My colleagues and I had a 6oth B-day potluck on the weekend, and instead of wimping out and buying something mass produced I made a potato puff casserole. Herb and garlic and yummy :)And lastly, I'm also proud of myself for turning a negative work situation into a positive. For too long silly work stuff dripped over into my real (non-work) life. But lately I have taken a more constructive approach. Unfortunately, while attempting to crow about my change in attitude to a usually supportive friend, the stars misaligned and our conversation got off track ... Ah well, everyone has their own opinion, Some days ya just can't win, but ya can keep on trying ..... and I'll keep on making more blocks!
P.S. Block 4 completed!

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regan said...

Your blocks and your maple tree are beautiful! And thanks for the 7 dwarfs of menopause....too funny (and a little too on-target right now!)