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Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving :)

So, as promised here is a photo of my completed (aka bound) Fall table runner. Took me a week, I had fun and got to practice my machine quilting - always a plus! I took it to my fair soeur's for thanksgiving dinner. Not surprisingly her comment was not "thank you" but "oh". I'll take that as a "Ohhh, how nice", although I strongly suspect it was "Oh, not another one ". Hmmmm,

Remember these from August? My $5 chairs with their ugly 1970's gold flocked fabric?? Well, I finally got around to ripping the old covers off, and discovered these chairs must have been professionally re-covered in that ugly Gold flocked fabric, as they had a gazillion staples and, cotton canvas covers underneath. Good! So, on the left is the before picture, and on the right is the first chair with the ugly fabric removed.

I started with the top front and back. Not toooo too bad, after carefully removing the ugly fabric I used it as a "pattern" to cut the new pieces. Since I bought the whole bolt (Ok, you can stop freaking out now .... there was less than 6 meters and it was on sale @ $3 a meter! ) After getting that "right" I moved on to the seat .... much more complicated as you have to go around the wee arm. This is where the ugly old gold fabric had ripped, so I needed to take care and leave extra, while still making it look neat. What do you think, how'd I do?
Anyway, the gimp trim will have to wait for another day. It's just tooooo nice out not to go for a long walk then finish my book sitting on the patio.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the chair looks amazing after the gold is off and even more so with the new fabric on. Well done and nice to accomplish a task with a few days off.

regan said...

Upholstery is NOT did an amazing job on that chair! Well done! And I'm so jealous that you found them for $5! Wow!