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Sunday, April 27, 2014

My tribute to spring. Wish I could claim I made this one, but alas, I am still (yes still) working on Felines and Flutterbies ....  I also wish I could claim Spring is here, but also alas, Easter weekend was a tease. Today is sunny and bright but chilly. My Forsythia are in full bloom (yeah), but my Daffodils remain stubbornly in bud. Personally I need some serious UV treatments as I am still recovering from the bronchitis I had a couple of weeks back and a rather stressful work week. 
I spent Saturday at home, in my chair quilting borders and watching a 9 hour Vikings marathon - oh yeah, Ragnar ...... and doing my taxes - yuck.
Easter weekend was busy busy busy. Family gathering, cakes and salads to make, and of course a pic of the wee one ...


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