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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy Turkey Day everyone :)

It's Thanksgiving weekend (for us Canadians).  What happened to September? and, don't even bother to blink because it will be Xmas before you know it! I haven't even started my shopping yet .... It's going to be one of those years :( I am in the Thanksgiving mood though and finally this year I have baked something pumpkiny - the Pumpkin Cranberry Pecan muffins were yummy I must say:).
So I've been busy putting my wee garden and the patio to bed and getting ready for this long weekend, and my "reunion" weekend next week. None-the-less I have also been busy making Owls, my life right now. Here's this week's production
They look kind ghoulish without eyes, but that will come soon. Ok, off to finish the house cleaning, and oh, I forgot to get Cool Whip for the Pumpkin Pie. Can't have that! I guess I'll run out to the store - again!

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