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Monday, May 08, 2006

The Garden of Eden

Ah spring!

Isn't it lovely. Since most of last years's garden plantings did not fair well over the winter, its start again time. Managed to pick up a replacement shrubbery for the front garden - same species different variety - ohh, now I have to decide whether or not to go with what I've got or search the entire city for an exact replacement....

Managed to spend most of Sat afternoon mining through the clay we are so famous for just to plant 2 small Forsythia. Sore as HHHH today. Just about killed myself dragging a young Japanese Maple from the front seat of my car to the front steps . ALWAYS wanted one of these beauties. Now why on earth couldn't that nice young man from the Big Box store have come home with me and planted this tree for me, instead of just sticking it in my car. Guess I should be happy he did that much for me! There actually are times when I wish I had someone else around (bigger & stronger than me). Ah well, will have to beg my brother-in-law/nephew to come over and dig the hole. It will look nice when its done, and after all I do all their mending/pant hemmings, etc for them. Quid pro Quo - right?

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