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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh OK, I admit ... I didn't make this beautiful Christmas tree wall hanging. As usual the holidays have crept up faster than expected ... and my pot of Poinsettia's is still being beaded and embroidered. I WILL get it completed for next year and promise to post it then...

Life just keeps getting more and more interesting. Just when you think you've figured people out they go and do something really stupid and you are once again dumbfounded! No details- that would be gossip. None-the-less it sure is interesting.

I plan to spend my holidays with my cat Sada, finishing this year's holiday wall hanging, do a quilt repair job for the father, not that it's worth doing, but his step son-in-law thinks so. (Sure hope they have enough chuptza to pay me for the work...) Once that's over and done with I have a double wedding ring to hand quilt for my "charity" work this year for the quild. Last year I did my first all machine quilted item for the other guild. Luckily it was a twin size as I didn't enjoy it that much.

Happy Holidays, Happy Chanuka, Happy whatever!
Ho Ho Ho.

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