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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Week from H - Part Deux

So, the week from H contines ....

Had Friday off so started the day with a meeting with my financial advisor - you know, that woman ( I only deal with women, not because I'm Lesbian - not that there's anything wrong with that, but because by doing so I'm making a statement of confidence and I'm a Feminist - not a dirty word!) - that woman who understands numbers and all that other gobbl
ygook financial speak. Things are looking good, I won't ever be rich, but I think I won't starve - which is the point.
After that I scooted off to the local "Value Village" thrift store to look for good wool sweaters to wear. Of course there was nothing because of all those crafters that got there before me and who will felt all the great sweaters and make stupid little purses out of them - am I jealous - YES! Its too D#$% cold out to waste a great wool sweater making a purse.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was a write off - working with you know who (see Jan. 26th entry). I was realllly good and managed not to blow the top of my head off, or lose my cool. I actually managed to keep my mouth shut (will wonders never cease) and not respond to the conversation hog/know-it-all.

Monday was looking like it should be a great day. The sun was shining and it had actually w
armed up a degree or two. I popped out to start the car to let it warm up . I was barely back in side my condo when CRASH! Some "Stupid student" came racing into the parking lot and crashed in MY CAR - only one of two in the parking lot!!! Did he have his license? Insurance ? Ownership ? NOOOO, nothing but a cell phone - not even his car - probably borrowed from his unwitting (or should I say witless) roommate. What kinda idiot leaves the house with nothing but a cell phone? OK, maybe he's not a student, but he is a YSM (Young Stupid Male) - you know the type - the ones who think they own the world! GRRRRRRRRR
So, after spending several WASTED minutes watching this idiot attempt to reassure me, that indeed "He is an honest person, bla bla bla, and will pay cash for the damage - bla bla bla", I left to go about my chores. But hey - wait - now the engine light is on - AGAIN. So now the vehicle from H has to make another visit to that expensive repair shop - the third visit in 3 months !!!! Off to visit the mother and help her with her new computer, then off to sit at the DR's office for 1 HOUR - just to get a prescription refill! So much for an enjoyable day off!

Now Tuesday - I start my morning as usual, and am sitting in the hall drinking my tea while the car warms
up. Now doesn't that nice little mouse, the one that's been in my basement ripping into the bags of bird seed, he/she decides to make an appearance and scamper across the hall and under the basement door. Of course I yelp loudly which raises the alarm for Sada the cat - who rouses herself from her after breakfast stupor just to come over and stare at me! Useless cat - not a mouser at all!

Now just in case you think all my weeks are from H, no. Tuesday actually was a good day as I received my new piece of art from Richard Kirk, named Mr. Buttons. OOOOOh, it will go in my sewing room - or over my bed. I'm sooo happy. It reminds me of myself and my best friend when we were eight, and I love the buttons!

So, Friday is looking ugly, a long time friend of the family has passed away - so I'll be commuting between the car repair shop and the funeral home. Yuck. Here's hoping NEXT week is relaxed, peaceful and uneventful! I deserve it~!
Cheers and Ta Ta for now.

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