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Monday, February 19, 2007

I Really Really Really Hate Winter!

I really really really hate winter! At least by mid February I do! I'm just really really tired of snow storms and digging myself out of snow drifts and wearing 27 layers of clothes, and doubling up on socks and mitts and. I'm sick of my winter wardrobe, I'm sick of the cold, I'm sick of no daylight - Phew I'm exhausted before I even get outside!

One great thing this weekend I finished the vintage quilt repair job - well, not totally, I still have to
replace the binding, but I have finished replacing, oh about 300-400 individual pieces on a vintage log cabin. Did I want to do this ? Am I crazy? Was I "voluntold" by a family member? YES! Do I expect payment - You Betcha - big time!

So, next week I hope to get help sandwiching/basting a charity double wedding ring I'll be hand quilting. I guess I'll have to get on the phone and call in some help! I may not get to quilting it, but I can at least get it basted this year ! Next I hope to make up something for our "Tree" challenge. I have lots of ideas, unusual for me, so I really want to get started and make something. Also, since this is the year of the "Golden Pig" I'm hoping to get to work on the McKenna Ryan Pigs quilt - yeah!
Lots of ideas - so little time. Oh, and I can't forget the Robyn Pandolph workshop, after all I took a whole day off work to go even though I really don't need lessons in applique, and I'm not particularly interested in folky quilts ... so remind me - why did I sign up for this thing anyway?? For something to do - 'cause I don't have enough to do - HA!

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