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Thursday, August 04, 2011

She Scores!!

So the big news .... (drum roll please!) is my New Car!! After 10 years driving the ugly brown F_ _ _ _ I bit the bullet and got a new chariot! It's a 2011 white Toyota AWD 5 door Matrix, with, ahem, a few bells and whistles! Woohoo!My second score this summer vacation is 2 East Lake chairs in perfect condition - except for their rather fugly upholstery .... Another big WooHoo! These came at the hefty price of $5.00 each! Ok, I know what you're thinking - just how many East Lake chairs does one woman need. So far I have collected 5 of them - they join the list of 8 pressback chairs, 1dainty dining chair, 1 child's pressback rocker, 1 pressback high chair, 2 wood vintage kindergarten chairs and 1 other diminutive child's chair. Ok, how many was that - 14? WOW !

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regan said...

Congrats on the new car! It's a beauty! And never know when you are going to be hosting a huge party, and you always need extra places to sit! Now you're ready! lol