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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vacation Blind!

So I've been promising myself I'd make a Roman blind for my bedroom while I am on vacation. I have my bed up against the window as it's the only location which allowed me to get some decent sleep - Feng Shui don't ya know ... Anyway, I get intense sunlight late in the day in this window and the cotton drapes and cafe curtain were fading fast. I lucked out last year and found some yardage of the exact - yup I said exact fabric I used to upholster my East Lake bedside chair.
So, guess what I spent the last 2-3 days doing ! I even lined the darn thing! I put 1/4" dowels in the "pleat" to help it fold nicely - it's kinda stiff right now because of weight of the 2 fabrics. Here's hoping it lossens up.
I re-hung the long side curtains (red & white pinstripes) and the top panel on two new rods so the "look" is wider than before (sorry no before pic!) Anyway, that's how I've spent some of my first week off work!

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regan said...

Your bedroom is dreamy.....are you sure that's not a pic from a decorating magazine! It's so perfect! I love it!