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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Happy Canada Day - Eh!

So, wildlife in the city for the long weekend. I've been experiencing lots of wildlife so far this summer (no complaints). First it was a visiting groundhog. Wouldn't have worried me too much except it was in the middle of the day - not a time when they usually travel about - and s/he came too close for comfort - right up on my patio. I shooed the kitties indoors and gently used the hose on the poor beastie, which, since it was a blistering hot/humid day may have been a kindness. Anyway s/he eventually took off to investigate other backyards. Fine by me.... Next it was a poor dead frog/toad. Found it one morning laying belly up on the patio, feet removed and gutted. OK, my kitties are indoors all night and I KNOW the poor amphibian was not there the night before. So who was responsible???? The weekend started with 2 baby rabbits on the front lawn and ended so far with 2 BIG horses walking past my patio on the public walkway. I was just finishing up Not Wanted on The Voyage and just knew that clop clop clop sound was unusual .... and then there they were! WooHoo! Haven't seen horsies in quite a while!
Above is the LAST purse I'm making for quiet a while - this one for my new friend B. Now on to more artistic/creative pursuits.
Happy Canada Day/July 4th everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Quite an exciting time you are having! We have a doe living in the neighborhood and we see her on and off. There has been a bear raiding neighborhood bird feeders and my husband saw one crossing the road just outside of town. A lot of birds around and we have a nest in our birdhouse being used by house wrens. My cat got one of the frogs that live in our pond, but I was able to rescue him. I'm enjoying my summer gardening and hope you are too.