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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fractured Zen

Before I entertain you with a story about my Fractured Zen, let me show you my beautiful Hydrangea!!! I actually remembered this year to pour on the special fertilizer this particular plant likes in order to get and keep white flowers. In past years this plant has started out white then immediately turned green. So, I'm very happy with this year's crop of WHITE hydrangea flowers! WooHOO!
So, a friend lent me her book, Fabulous Fractures by Elizabeth Esslinger.(Thank you SVA). Mother fell in love with this particular Japanese panel. Since I have been making door hangings for her, and she was whining about needing a new one .... well, you know what happened next. You need a minimum of 2 panels, 4 are better. You take the first panel and cut it vertically into strips every 1 1/4 in. Label each strip A1, A2 etc. Then you take the second panel, cut 1/4 in strip off the left side, DISCARD - do an Eleanor Burns thing - just throw it over yer shoulder and forget about it ;) Next, you cut the B panel into 1 1/4 " strips and label them B1, B2, etc.

Of course now you get to sew them all back together. A1 to B1, B1 to A2, A2 to B2 ... etc. This is the tedious part, however, the effect is rather nice - not sure my pics actually show how the panel becomes fractured (I have a camera, but am still very much just a photo amateur). So, on the right is the "finished" fractured panel and my auditions for binding. Since it was going to hang on Mother's front door it needs to be a smallish size. Trouble was - just about any of those colours would have looked just fine. I ended up, as you can see below with a plain (reads as a solid) mid green fabric, which goes well .
So, summer vacation is just around the corner ( next week! YEAH!!!) and I hope to get started on my No Squirrels Allowed project. This one is for my niece who is getting married next spring. Since I hand quilt and hand applique (I machine piece) it will take me a few months to complete. So, you can expect ongoing updates on this one for awhile!Cheers, and HAPPY SUMMER!


regan said...

Your Fractured Zen piece is lovely.....your Mom is going to love it!

Things Hand Made said...

I am not sure I quite followed the process but it looks great at the end!

Ann said...

Intriguing idea - and a lovely piece. Just dropped by to thank you for the yoghurt pot lid purse tutorial I found through Zakka Life's blog. Its great and like you I think perfect for the craft table at "an event"! Off to find some lids! :o)