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Sunday, June 19, 2011


So, now that I'm healthy again I turned my hand to sewing up Mother's birthday presents. It's a Simplicity purse pattern where you make the basic bag then a cover for it. In my case I chose to make reversible covers. The cover on the left is a lovely abstract linen - my local fabric store was having a buy 1 get 3 meters free sale ..... The reverse of that bag cover is a cotton duck beige stripe. Fairly plain but definitely functional for summer.

The next cover is one of my favourite summer fabrics with Turquoise and oral sun bursts. Then to top it all off I made the Haida print cover. So, one purse, two covers - both reversible gives mother lots of choices. I plan to make a dark charcoal inner bag for her soon so she can use the covers with that one later into the Fall/winter.
And, just to finish things off, here's a pic of the LOC I was involved with this past year 1/2 organising Quilt Ontario 2011. Great crew, lots of fun and lots of work!



Anonymous said...

Just want to say yummy, yummy, yummy and lucky mummy. Just kidding, but they are FABulous. Your mother will love them.

Patricia B Studio said...

This is a great the ability to change exteriors... Would you mind sharing the pattern number... I have birthdays coming up and this is a perfect match for the birthday girl...Thanks in advance...Also I found you as I was looking for the littleKai pouch tutorial you made...Great stuff...