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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cable Guy!

So, Tuesday last week started off with this guy - really... Not! But someone just like him, perhaps even a bit bigger came to my home and laid a nice white wire from the cable box to my house , and now TA DA ! I have full internet - EVERY TIME!!! I told them something was wrong ! He was very competent and very polite and very efficient, even though it was a really hot day. I set out a couple of bottles of cold water for him as there was a humidex alert! So now I have to wait 2-3 weeks for someone to come and bury the wire.... It's such a long process, but none-the-less I'm happier :)
By Wednesday I was feeling kinda punk. By the time I got home and trucked out - yes I mean trucked out (I used my new flatbed trolley - a good buy!!!)3 bags of garden debris and 1 recycle box I was exhausted and in extremis asthma wise. Thursday & Friday I was totally down for the count. Spent the weekend on the couch as I have no energy (makes sense, can't breathe =no energy) popping Ibuprofen for the head ache and puffers every 4 hours trying to get this under control. Unfortunately, I missed my deadline for mother's birthday (shhh, I sewing her some purses) and missed my only niece's engagement dinner party. Bummer!
I see the Doc on Monday, here's hoping she has some better drugs for me, and some good advice. So ladies, sorry, no quilty sewing news this week. I'll post pics of the purses next week with any luck!

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Anonymous said...

Just so that you're taking care of yourself, that is what's important!

Quilting will continue and help you find yourself when you're ready.

Take care.