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Sunday, June 05, 2011


Ok, so just to add to the misery of the unjust parking ticket (are they ever fair?) this week I found two dead mice in my basement! YIKES!!! Yuck!!!! OMG! Guess that's what Simone is doing down there in the basement - chasing/killing mice! You'd think with two cats in the house the silly mice would know they have to stay AWAY!
Still having intermittent internet service (GRRR), I'm now up to three technical visits - the next one will be Tuesday for which I just spent 2 hours scalping the Yew bush in the corner of my back garden. The big dude needed me to "remove the plant" so he could get in the corner to give me a new line from the outside "box"to the house. Um, no, not removing 8 year old established bushes, am willing to trim the heck out of it, but not remove it. So, since I had dad's electric hedge trimmer (thanks dad) I did the Forsythia bushes and all 3 Wiegelas at the front. Phew!
Did a road trip to Stratford yesterday to see the musical Camelot! Fabulous - only issue was my friend walked me allover Stratford - Boy, am I out of shape ..... Uh Oh ....

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regan said...

But the cats ARE doing their job...the mice were in the basement, not the house! lol My cat used to kill birds or mice, and then proudly stand at the bathroom door with it before her, and when I'd open the door, she'd look at me like "Look at this amazing kill I did just for you!" Yeah, thanks!