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Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Blues ...

Or should I say Summer whites ;) Above is a closeup of my Hibiscus which decided to flower for me just as my summer vacation came to an end. I guess that's the blues part ... you wait desperately all year for summer vacation and then it just speeds by way way too fast.
None-the- less I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energized! As usual I had a huge todo list accumulated of things to do while not at work (mustn't just relax you know, must put time off to good use). Did manage to:
  • removed dead tree from front garden, other sundry garden work including repainted most of the iron work, fertilized the remaining living plants and trees, some minor re-landscaping and re-positioned patio stones (why do they shift around in the winter?)
  • refinished the "new" antique coffee table
  • read several great novels, well ok, just 2 1/2
  • caught a couple of flicks
  • got outta town for a couple of days, this involved playing with my new GPS
  • enjoyed afternoon tea at our local historic house
  • completed Rachel's Star
  • completed "Cat at Play" wall hanging thus using up more of my Black & White prints
  • shopped for fabric, included a trip to the USA with one of my great quilting friend
  • and dined out with family and friends.
Good thing I'm back at work as any longer and I would be too exhausted to come back to work. Routine is good, routine is good, routine is good... this is my new mantra!
Anyway, remember the wonderful table a friend gave me last year for my birthday? Well here's a chair to accompany it, also a gift from the same friend! Let's see if I can do a year of chairscapes ...... stay tuned .....


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