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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rachel's Star Part Three!

So, the saga of Rachel's Star continues .... Mistake # 9 was changing my mind re the original fabric choices (see last blog entry), and going off on a mini tangent trying a different, albeit unsuccessful colour version, only to end up with more or less the original colours anyway!!!

Mistake # 10 was one of those Where was my Brain??? moments. I spent 2 hours happily quilting away ... machine quilting that is - something I don't often do - when I realized I didn't like it! something's wrong - what's happening? OMG I forgot to change to the walking foot and the whole darn thing is bunching up!!! So, 4 hours later, having successfully un-sewn all the previous machine quilting ..... I have a completed machine quilted Rachel's Star!
I am very very very proud of this one .... only because I persevered despite the numerous mistakes, trials and tribulations! I have plans to incorporate some drapery wire into the binding so that it will have a rolled edge effect and some stiffness to the outer borders. Then I'll have to come up with something rather ingenious for a hanging sleeve - but hey, I've come this far I can manage the rest from here!!!
And it only took 3 days of my summer vacation!



Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry about the previous comment, I didn't see this post for some reason! It's turned out looking lovely. The browns did work in the end, and it's nice to see a version that went beyond the basic blue and gold.

Idle hands, empty brain ... said...

Thanks for the encouragement Elettaria, after so many mistakes I needed moral support.
I "love" your version and wish now I had held out for a blue-er fabric in place of the brown paisley .... but mine still works (I think).
I used a matching blue fabric on the back with sailing ships and mariner's compasses, to assist my friend "navigating" his way thru retirement. Pic to follow once I bind it !