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Monday, July 20, 2009

Rachel's Star - Part Two

So, for those up to the challenge of following this saga ... I determined that it was more than one fabric which I did not like in my first attempted Rachel's Star. Nice though these fabrics are, they just weren't producing the visual effect I was looking for. Thus, a repeat trip to the LM store for more fabric resulted in more muted (some would say muddy) teal colours to replace the lovely brown, and a new bright blue.
So, once again my weekend was spent arguing with the pieces of this complicated pattern (at least for me). Armed with all the lessons I learnt in the first rendition ..... I got the
Star together. I think I did a better job matching this time around, but still need some minor adjustments. For me the log cabin side units now visually recede where they should and the bright blue does not overpower the entire unit, hoorah! Now the big decision ...... which version should I use?
I might just have to complete both versions in order to decide .... YIKES. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

I think both versions are fine, though I prefer the original (not 100% sure about the paisley, it's a lovely fabric but perhaps a bit too brown?). I had trouble at this stage as well, and took lots of photos of fabrics folded over one another. I think I made up a couple of trial log cabins as well. I posted about the completed quilt here, and I've just uploaded some of the photos I took at various stages to Flickr, in case that helps you at all. Start here. One photo shows how I was mocking up the outer log cabins and borders using the computer, I think the software was Gimp. Don't give up, it's a lovely quilt and great fun to make!

If you put "Rachel's Star" into Google Image, you'll see a few other versions. People have done different things with the colour balance, and I found it really helpful to look at other versions of this quilt when I was deciding what to do with it, in particular when trying to balance the colours.

Joen Wolfrom has made a colour card which is really useful when you get stuck like this, by the way. About half my fabrics were from a set, and I spent a while agonising over getting the others to match. I must have seen nearly a dozen light blues, and I was doing the whole thing by internet or ringing up shops!

Best of luck.