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Friday, July 03, 2009

New Project !

So, while waiting for my friend L to complete the quilt top she wants hand quilted, I decided to take a quick stab (pardon the pun) at the whole cloth wall hanging kit I got cheap, cheap cheap at an auction at my other guild. I'm almost half way done when I discover that one of my work colleagues has accepted an early retirement package. He's a good friend, Jewish and has a daughter named Rachel, so I thought the wall hanging above, called Rachel's Star, might be a nice gift. OK ....
Quick - lay aside the whole cloth 'cause I've got a NEW PROJECT!

Of course, I couldn't find exactly the same fabrics, but did manage to get a great brown, blue and teal paisley ... so co-ordinated the remaining fabric choices from there! It's a Quilter's Newsletter, 2000 paper pieced project, something I've only tried once before .... so wish me luck!

And, as I was shopping in our local LM store, didn't I run into - ohhhh, what's her name ???? We ended up talking in the aisle for approx. 45 minutes, neither of us referring to the other by name, obviously neither of us could remember the other one's name. DON'T YA JUST HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS?

As I drove home the mantra kept running thru my head - not Wilma, not Wilma, not Wilma - shades of F Flintstone. Of course it hit me once I got to bed - NORMA!

P.S. Speaking of wildlife ... I can now add a baby rabbit, a chipmunk and a hummingbird to the list of wildlife in my back garden... WooHoo!

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