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Monday, July 13, 2009

Arrested Adolescent ?

Somewhere along the line I developed good eating habits. Let me rephrase that, nutritious eating habits, at least better than they were for many years. As a single person it is often very difficult to motivate yourself to cook nutritiously, and frequently much much to easy to just stick something in the nuker and be done with it, or better yet, pop some popcorn! Yeah, that's the ticket! Anyway, back to my original point. I have developed the habit of taking lunches to work (BTW, this is also a nice frugal way to save $ and still look like a goody goody;)) and since I LOVE apples, I usually include an apple in my lunch - you know, an apple a day keeps the Dr away ...

So, as I pulled out my apple today I went into my usual routine (I have a routine?) of twisting the wee stem and mentally reciting an alpha list of male names - you know the routine, you go through a list of male names until the stem breaks off - and that's the name of the man you're going to marry! OMG I can't believe I still play that silly game!! I can't believe I'm still subconsciously waiting - hoping - expecting to get married (re-married that is). Does this make me an arrested adolescent (I meant "arrested adolescent" in terms of adults who still covet adolescent-like things/act like an adolescent)??? BTW, I hate that terminology - not that I don't hate all labels - they're so denigrating ... Oh yuck!!! I really can't bear myself today ... how could I? I reallllly thought I was further along the evolutionary line of independent women to have stopped all this silliness!

See what a wee apple can do?


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Anonymous said...

OMG.... I can just see you in action. You added a laugh and brightened up my day.