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Monday, July 06, 2009

Rocky Racoon ...

Simone's latest pose ... upside down on her back!
I think she's relaxed!

So, last week was unusual in that Wednesday was Canada Day. I was scheduled to work Sat. July 4th and missed our customary Friday dinner out. Consequently mother and I chose to dine out on Sat. Later that evening whilst approaching my front step I noticed both Iris and Simone in the front window. Now this is unusual for both cats to be in the window at the same time .... so, what's going on ??

Sadly, I have to report that a deceased baby raccoon was lying in the front garden against the side of my front steps, gently nestled under the leaves of my hosta plant. Where did this poor baby come from ? I don't know, but I think I've had enough adventures with wild life for awhile. So, after doing the eeewww thing for awhile, I retrieved my shovel, garden gloves and a plastic bag and maneuvered the wee thing out of the garden. Now I can't approach the garbage pail as I know what's there lying in state!
So, needing a project to take my mind of the poor wee thing, I determined to finally, yes finally do something about my summer purse. I really like the purse, it's just small enough for me that I can't carry too much (bad for my wounded shoulder) and somewhat stylish. Only problem is it does not close and things were forever falling out! So I scavenged in my batik stash and located just enough matching fabric from the same batik as my necessary bag, to make a closure. Above is the before, and on either side are my after pics! Tada!!!!

What else did I accomplish on my one day off? I got the fabrics cut for the Rachel's Star wall hanging referred to in the last post. I have to admit the instructions were very poor . Personally I like better instructions than "cut some scraps" ... hello ..... pattern author .... didn't you get paid to write a pattern ?? A pattern, by definition, means exact measurements, at least to me. Grrrr! So, this is what I have cut, wish me luck!!!


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