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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dead Trees, new project

When I first moved into my wee abode I immediately embarked on some landscaping as relatively none existed. Having been an apartment dweller for way way too long/aka a closet gardener, I opted for shrubbery and ornamental trees rather than tons of flowers, of which I knew little. Also, I wanted to get the "bones" of the gardens established as quickly as possible, and not knowing the soil conditions, sun disposition etc I felt it prudent to start with the basics. So, in went two Caraganas, several Weigelias, a red Maple, a "Burning" bush and a Lilac.
Above is my first failure! Waaaaaaah. We're well into June and this thing is dead. Ok, there are two, maybe three wee branches which have flowered and not yet leafed, but the main part of the tree is just plain dead! Well actually, if you break off a branch it's still green inside .... so is there hope? Calling for opinions from all you horticulturalists out there!
I can't even chalk it down to a hard winter, or too soggy a spring .... as other Caraganas in the neighbourhood are in full leaf by now - just not mine! As you can see from the pic it was planted in front (but away from) a furnace exhaust pipe. I had hoped that I planted it far enough away, but suspect this is what has killed my poor Caragana!

So, now that my car has eaten all of my extra dollars for this year and all prospects of any kind of vacation away, even for one or two days, has completely and totally vanished, I guess I'll spend some of my precious three weeks off from the daily grind (aka job) digging out this corpse (sound of funereal dirge playing in background). I'm now toying with the idea of some kind of iron or stone sculptural piece to go in it's place. Hmmmm, this will involve shopping in garden centers, architectural salvage yards, antique places. Hmmmm, things might actually be looking up!
Whilst waiting for my friend to complete the quilt top she wants me to hand quilt for her, I have decided to get at this whole cloth pre-stenciled large wall hanging I scooped at the year end auction in my previous quilt guild. And, I only paid $3.00 for the kit! This should keep me out of trouble for the next month-month and 1/2, so this is good. Everything but the batting was included in the kit, so stay tuned!

Summer Tablescape!

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