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Monday, June 01, 2009


Ms. Iris in Carrier
So, Simone baby is scheduled to go to the Vet for the big snip snip (spayed and shots) this Thursday - wish me luck getting Ms. "untouchable" into the cat carrier, which is why I dragged it up from the basement last week, re-assembled it and put in her cat bed and favourite blankie .... only to have Ms. Iris sleep in it all day Saturday!!!!
Granted , Simone did played with - or rather taunted Iris most of the morning through the vents in the carrier, so perhaps all was not lost - maybe she has/will get used to the thingee and not get tooooo toooo hysterical when I affix the door, then capture her inside in anticipation of the morning car ride to Dr. Blue Cross. Let's hope so! Now I know some of you out there are against de-clawing cats. Iris, when she came to me was already de-clawed, so I am considering having Simone de-clawed (front only). It makes for a happier mommy, and both furry babies are indoor cats - ALWAYS, or at least until mommy can afford to fence in the back yard! Here's hoping the spaying will calm Simone down and perhaps - just perhaps she'll become touchable, that is IF she ever forgives me for sticking her in the carrier and taking her away!!!

What else did mommy accomplish this past weekend? Well, I made my own version of the Spoonful of Sugar Loyalty Card wallet. Now, as usual my first attempt was just a wee bit too small and my loyalty cards didn't fit ... so I made a second one and watched my seam allowances a bit more carefully - and ta da! Oh boy oh boy - another quilty/fabricy thingee - woohoo! What else? Well, I managed to spend loads on $$$ at the grocery store, and I was somewhat domestic and steamed then froze a whole bunch of Asparagus in prep for next winter. Of course it meant I had to re-arrange the now overfilled freezer - but hey - as Miss Scarlet once said "I'll never be hungry again. ..."!


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