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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall Beginning

Well, the B-I-L and nephew came over this weekend and trimmed up my Forsythia and Rose of Sharon bushes and the nephew put the patio to bed. The weather has been so lovely it seemed a shame to do this so early, but on the other hand I'm glad to get this done. I still have several other fall chores before I'm ready for Thanksgiving - which isn't that far away - Yikes! Must get that Pumpkin bread made next weekend!
I decided to bring in my Boston Fern and see if I can coax it through the winter. I even had a fern stand in the basement, so why not try. I shook it up a bit so hope I haven't imported too many bugs into the house. Any hints on caring for these plants inside?
It was homecoming on campus this weekend, and for a change I was NOT on duty - yeah! Of course I did witness the inevitable car accident (in front of Costco) on Saturday. Seems to happen every year when there are so many visitors in town. 2 young blondes furiously texting mom & dad while 3 ambulances took away those who were hurt :(. This week was eventful for the Sew Whats as the partner of one of our members graciously cooked a full Indonesian meal for us all - oh Yummmy :) Thanks June and John !
My accomplishments for the week was to complete last week's POTC and a new one for this week .
I really like this one and think I may post it to Pinterest. The brown striped fabric was purchased as a binding for a previous quilt , obviously I purchased too much as I still have a couple of meters of it. Worked out great for this block! Well, that's about all for me.

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