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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blue Mondays

Blue Mondays

I really must resolve to just disinherit Mondays. Mondays should simply not exist... or, if they do exist we should be allow - no , we should be PAID to just stay in bed and watch Martha and Rosie and not face other human beings. Of course, the trouble with that strategy is that all the Monday angst will be forwarded to Tuesdays!
This past Monday I broke several of my personal "golden rules" in another of those days when my brain simply was not fully engaged - does everybody have those days or is it just me? You know, the kinda day at the end of which you determine that OMG you were total reactive mode rather than considered/thoughful/sensitive and responsive mode.

All you can do is pick up the pieces of your week, which has barely begun, and move on hoping no-one/few people have actually noticed your fauz pas. Of course Tuesday this week was a real winner - with the campus incident in Virginia. Rosie and Baba were interesting today in their perspectives on this one, but not on the mark. IMHO the real big issue here is to change our society so that people are not marginalized/bullied to the point where they resort to gun violence. At least this was the opinion voiced on CBC Radio One, Ontario Morning show, and I fully agree! There - I'm not too radical, and it's not a rant if someone else broadcast it first . nay nay nay...

BTW 85 people were found dead in Iraq April 17th, 32 at Virginia Tech - which is the bigger tragedy and who is the
real demon here?

Happy quilting ladies and gents! TTFN

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