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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Unshopping - hummmm , I like that - sort of like unsewing. Funny thing though - I have no problem spending money on fabric or gas for the car, of food for the cat, it's only when I spend money on clothes .... that's the "life strategy" I'm still developing.

We learn as we grow ;)

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sewnut said...

Food, fabric, gas, these are necessary consumables right?

I simply like to feel free to unbind myself from a purchase I made under the influence of shopping brain. That non-thinking action I do when I am distracted by the possibilities of a new red wallet or a green jacket or those blue cutesy shoes. Of course back at home they are certainly not so cute when they are surrounded by the life I live in rather than the brightly lit corporate carousel I found it on.

Sort of like playing with money in rewind mode....Anyway, hurrah for 30 years of unshopping!!! Now if I could figure out how to unshop the rest of those dollar amounts on my bank statement....