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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Saga of the Ragdoll, part Trois

This morning my new "baby" actually stayed downstairs and watched me leave for work. She is beginning to get the idea that she can be on either floor of the house and doesn't have to live under the bed when I'm not home. YEAH! Although, since this particular breed likes to be "near" people and has the tendency to follow you from room to room, we may never get over this hiding thing in toto.

Maybe it's me that has to change and not the cat. She certainly isn't living up to her breed's reputation for being uber affectionate and docile - as she has attempted to bite me several times - usually during grooming a matted section of her coat. I have also witnessed cat temper, re vigorous tail wagging (a sign of displeasure/annoyance) and she absolutely will not be held. Although, she did sleep in my lap for almost a full hour last night. Hmmm, maybe she's a schizoid cat. More attention, love and bribery with yummies are in order.

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