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Thursday, December 06, 2007

I Love Wednesdays!

I used to dislike Wednesdays intensely ... My day would start at 7 am, quilting at 9-12, work from 1-10 and not get home until 10:30. It was just too long and gruelling. Now, well my day still starts at 7 am, and quilting is only an occasional Wednesday, but work is only until 6 pm - which means I can get home have dinner and still be awake in time to watch DEADWOOD! Yeah!

OMG - I am so totally hooked ... I have never been this hooked on a television series before - no, wait, I lie, there was Upstairs/Downstairs or Antiques Roadshow (British, American or Canadian), or ... no, with any of those I wasn't so crazy as to go online and read the episodes before and after the actual viewing. I didn't watch the first, second and third viewing - staying up all night to do so, then wait months for the reruns. I AM totally hooked - what a goof! Could be worse.


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