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Monday, December 03, 2007

Saga of the Ragdoll part Deux

Well, we've made progress! "Willow" (don't worry this name will change - soon) has come out of hiding. I was able to coax her out from under my living room chair for about an hour on Sat. evening. Sunday was even better as she came out from hiding twice, ate some food and even came when I called her. The real progress is she has let me groom her, always a good sign, and slept - well sort of slept, on my bed with me.
I have discovered that she is a jumper, likes to be up high on the furniture, doesn't like to be held but does like to be petted, and doesn't actually meow, she peeps like a bird.
The search for a more appropriate name continues. I'm toying with: Sari, Iris, Shadow and Sparrow. Sparrow might be the most appropriate as she is a tiny wee thing, 1/4 the size of Sada, and peeps like a bird! Anyway, whatever her name is peeped at me several times in the night, she will learn that when the lights are out and "mommy's" in bed its time to sleep!

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