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Monday, January 07, 2008


Here's a pic of this year's Christmas door decoration. I used buttons for the eyes and was pleased with the results!

Update on the new "baby", who remains unnamed, but is starting to answer to "Sweetie" or "SweetiePie", either of which might very well become her name! Well, we've had our ups and downs .... we've had 2 arguments. The first was my fault and resulted in numerous injuries to both our pride and my arms. I grabbed her from behind in an attempt to stop her from going into the black hole under the stairs. She doesn't like being grabbed from behind. The second argument was slightly less dramatic, I was attempting to clean her back end after a incompleted trip to the litter box. She doesn't like having the hair on her hind end pulled/cleaned.
None-the-less we are making progress. She has learned to play fetch with the scrunchy ball, and does amazing leaps off the bed chasing after it. She has also learned to sleep in until "mommy" gets up .... well sorta. I am making a concerted effort to pick her up and hold her and give her lots of hugs and kisses twice a day so she gets used to being held and kissed and receive lots of affection.

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