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Friday, June 29, 2007


I've just been subjected to another example of discretionary faux pas. For the second time in recent months I've witnessed a mother disclose extremely personal and private information about one of their adult children.

While I totally understand the need to talk through/share difficult life circumstances. Even though it's your adult child's relationship issues, it is still a stress filled and challenging life event - especially for a caring mother. None-the-less, is it proper ? acceptable? appropriate? for a mother to disclose all the private, personal details of their adult child's life issues? Do all mothers talk about their children like that? DID MY MOTHER TALK ABOUT ME LIKE THAT ??? Probably, OMG!

When does sharing cross the line and become gossiping? even amongst "friends". How/when did motherhood become a license to disclose all their children's secrets. For some reason I find it especially perplexing when it's your adult child's secret. OMG - that's unfair - a mother SHOULD respect her child and his/her privacy regardless of the child's age!

Or am I mistaken? Maybe I have an overly developed sense of privacy. If I want to disclose personal issues about myself - that's my business. But I sure as H don't want my mother talking about me!!!

Opps - I guess I'll have to stop talking about her now.... Hmmmmmmm.

Post Script. This weekend I witnessed another episode of Motherhood indiscretion. So, it appears to be ubiquitous, and, at least in their mind, this type of misstep is excused under the mantle of "but I/she was just so concerned for you dear".

That gets another hmmmmmmmmm.

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