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Monday, June 18, 2007


What do I hate more than Mondays ? Spending the weekend cleaning. I realllllly don't know what gets into me, but every now and then I get this incredibly stupid urge - no, not an urge a need to clean. I don't mean run a duster around the room, I mean move every piece of furniture, on your hands and knees scrubbing- type of cleaning. It took me ALL WEEKEND, and I barely finished (ok - I didn't really finish - either room - but they're sortakinda back together).

Of course, while in the act of cleaning I also need to move each piece of furniture to new parts of the room/house. Some might, just might suspect that the real urge is not to clean, but to move furniture! AHA - perhaps you're right. I must admit I'm beginning to suspect that myself. I think it's a need for "something new" a new design - a new flooplan - maybe it is a displaced urge from lack of shopping. My mother used to change her dining room linens each season, from one colour to another, as if it made any difference.

Oh maybe it's just the influence of all those fabulous home design shows on HGTV. Who knows and who cares, I do know one thing - I'm not getting any younger, and these "urges" are taking a heavier toll on the old bod. I think I'll skip Yoga tonight and go home to nurse the sore and achy muscles.

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