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Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy 2016!!

It's NOT one of my quilts, but it is lovely and apropos. I think the maker/creator is Ann Fahl.  She did a lovely job and I hope she doesn't mind my sharing it with you. I had a quiet New Year's eve and since it is finally snowing here I suspect it will be a quiet New Year's day. Just fine with me - maybe I'll even get into the sewing room yet this holiday season!!
Looking back it appears that I did have a fairly productive 2015. Somehow it didn't feel like it maybe because I spend so much time browsing the internet and seeing everyone's lovely work and their productivity. Must say I have truly enjoyed these 2 weeks off work - I could easily get used to this! Mustn't  think this way, still a minimum of a year yet to go ... My turn will come soon, just hope I don't lose my quilting mojo before my retirement days begin! I have over 2 dozen POTC blocks made and on the design wall now and managed to get 8 POTC blocks all prepped and ready to sew in the new year - yeah!!
I was a bad bad girl already .... I broke my perennial New Year's resolution (To NOT buy any more fabric - ha ha ha ha ha!) The pile of fat quarters on the left are Christmas reds and greys - for next year for ME ! I deserve a Christmas runner and I'm going to make me one! The pile on the right are some French General reds - for more POTC blocks as I don't have enough red yet - can never have too many reds ;) !
So the top three on the left are for another POTC block, and the turquoise with scissors is just because it was tooooo cute! And the 5 black & whites will probably become more POTC blocks, not sure.
So I'm going to start something new on my blog. I do quite a bit of reading (articles/blogs etc) at work, and frequently come across words I'm not familiar with. When I was a student - long long ago in a galaxy far far away - I kept a little black book where I noted words I read which I didn't know. At the end of the week I would look up the definitions. So now at work I keep little slips of paper with all these words and definitions, and they are getting out of hand! So now I have an online file and have decided to share these words/phrases with you. They will be random/no context, just words for you to enjoy!

Schatzkammer = treasure room

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