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Sunday, January 03, 2016

First project for 2016 !

 It's a "Stash and Dash" fold over organizer. The pdf was free for a short time from Being free I scooped it up of course ;). My friend Mibs (yup, that's her name) and I did a wee excursion to one of our local quilt stores where I found the outside sewing theme fabric.
The selvedge theme fabric I used for the inside was picked up 2 summers ago (?) at Stitch-it Central in Ingersol on one of our sewing road trips. Glad I kept it for a "special" project, I think it looks great. The red polka dots come from Fabricland - if you're a reader of my blog you'll know that I love red! The organizer pattern called  for mesh fabric for the pockets but I chose to use plastic.
This is the pocket on the back. Not sure what I'd use this pocket for- who knows.
I also chose to use some of my sewing themed charms as zipper pulls. The top zipper pull is a thimble,
the middle zipper pull a pair of scissors,
and the bottom pocket got a mini sewing machine zipper pull!

I'm so pleased with a) I finally got into my sewing room and spent some quality time sewing
b) I made myself something useful. I'll use it to carry around my Lucy Boston POTC prepped blocks.

Word for today:
Oryctics - branch of geology relating to fossils

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