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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Winter's here !

Bah humbug. Winter, not my favourite season, is here. It was very cold and snowy for most of the week and for once in a very very very long time I did not go to our quilt guild meeting. Wouldn't ya know it my traveling/quilting partner won the door prize that night! We've had a long running joke between us as neither of us have won a door prize in YEARS/ever !!! But, I won in September and now Mibs has won ! Must be our year :) ;) !
Here's last week's Lucy Boston POTC block all finished. I really like this one and continue to be amazed at all the fabric matches I find in my stash! And here is a key chain wristlet I made from the leftovers from my Stash & Dash sewing organizer
And here is this week's POTC Lucy Boston block, also one of my favourites - aren't they all favourites?
So, this week's word is .....
Lugensterine:  lying stones of limestone carved into the shape of various animals.

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