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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Another Winter week

Well, I survived another week of winter - YEAH. I really shouldn't complain, although it has been COLD, we haven't seen that much snow. Yesterday and today were/are sunny and bright which is a good thing :).  Also, I have a rare weekend "off" as my sister is looking after the Mater. So Friday after work I was over at the Paters. We had a lovely Tourtiere and salad dinner then off to the computer to work up a few emails and a letter or two. We had a wee visit before I left for home. Dad was pleased to get those chores taken care of. Saturday I even got to watch my PBS quilting shows - YEAH ! Then more work to empty out the front hall. Around 3 a colleague from work came round with his buddy and moved out the love seat and a couple of tables from the basement family room. I donated them to a gentleman who finds himself without furniture now that he's suddenly on his own. Win-Win for everyone as I get "stuff" out of the basement I'm not using. Later on of course I had to clean up and put my house all back together ....  Just in case you think I lazed around all day and was a total slug .... no! Here's the Lucy Boston POTC I finished last week ...
Not my usual colours, this one was made from a Christmas gift fat quarter - Thanks Mibs for getting me out of my colour zone, I enjoyed making this one.
This week's word :
Panglossian : marked by a view that all is for the best in the best of possible worlds; excessively optimistic

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