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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas is over for another year

So most of my Christmas pictures are a total blur. Claire is a lively active child, this was perhaps her only "still" moment over the holidays! Llama in Red Pajamas was a big hit, as was the wood clock/counting/shape puzzle. So my gifts were a hit - Phew!
Christmas is over (TG) and I'm luxuriating at home in a clean house with peace and quiet.  It's still green outside and the cats and I are loving it. Who wants to be shoveling snow or scrapping ice off the windshield while your fingers freeze off.
Along with all the holiday frenzy I managed to finish off these two POTC Lucy Boston blocks, and have 4 more prepped for January-February
Looking forward to one more quiet week off work.  Hoping to catch a movie, get some banking chores done and may even get back to stitching the Wild Flowers wall hanging.
So what are you up to this week ?

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