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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Still Green!

It's still green and mild outside and I'm loving it! A green Christmas is just fine by me :). I added some red balls to my indoor decoration, think it looks better with that bit of colour don't you? So this past week was our guild meeting. Forgot to take a pic of the 3 stockings I made, but did get a pic of the placemat.
Feel a bit of a cheat as the fabric was so lovely I didn't bother to do anything fancy. No patchwork or fancy stitches. Here's the back
At work I enjoyed a nice lunch out with 3 ladies from one of the committees I'm on. It's a great committee, we work hard and enjoy each other's company. It was a sunny day - finally.
One more week @ work. This will be tough to get through, I have TWO, yes 2 potlucks on the same day!! Are they kidding? Now the pressure is on to come up with 2 fabulous recipes, easily carried, easily made/kept warm .... to impress all my work and quilting colleagues. Just know I'm going to fail this test - oh well, the point is to show up and enjoy myself, right?

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