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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

And we're still green!!

So we've had our first Christmas dinner - with the Pater this time. Claire was in fine form, dancing and talking up a storm. Can't say I understood everything she said, but no worry - she just kept talking. Too much fun! Forgot to take a pic of this year's Christmas cake I baked, but the floral arrangement on my sister's table was nice
My B-I-L has "officially" retired for the last time (?) and the school sent him this as a Thank You.
I am officially On Vacation - YEAH and been busy catching up on chores. Yesterday was taking the car in for repair, luckily it was still on warranty, so no $ spent by me :), picking up a prescription then I found/purchased 2 packs of vacuum cleaner bags for my "old" vacuum cleaner, a new walking foot and some bobbins for my Kenmore sewing machine - yeah. The cleaning schedule is a day behind, but who cares - I'm on vacation! Going to catch diner and movie with some friends later this week, then more Christmas celebrations. Hoping to get some more POTC blocks cut out and ready to go as well as some other sewing later next week. Here's my most recent POTC block
Enjoying my relaxing mornings.

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