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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Happy Halloween

Remember when ?
Remember when Halloween was the most, ok maybe the second most exciting thing in your life (Christmas being the first)!! Remember when everybody, I mean everybody got dressed up and went out trick or treating ? Fun wasn't it. This year was the third year I've had absolutely zero kids at the door, not one :(.  Luckily I accidentally witnessed the local campus daycare kiddies doing the tour of the university's community centre. What fun!! 20 2year olds all dressed up in costume - too cute!
Remember all the kids you used to hang out with? Remember the kids in this photo ? Heck, I can barely identify myself (hint: top left corner as Red Riding Hood, I think that's my sister in the black mask beside me as a Skeleton). Of course, that was the idea, being anonymous, right? If you can identify yourself here please take a moment and send along a comment.... would love to hear from you.

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