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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Good Morning!

The sun was shining, briefly, so I snapped this pic of the view from my kitchen door. :). We are enjoying some lovely Fall weather and I am feeling thankful as we all know that the cold weather is just around the corner :(.
I was feeling rather punk towards the end of the week and convinced myself I was getting the cold which has made the rounds in my office, so stayed home from work on Friday. After sleeping a good part of the morning away I got ambitious and went into the sewing room.
I got the last row of blocks done, the rows put together and the top is all done. The borders are ready to be attached, but now I have to make a decision. I think it needs a flange separator between the quilt top and the border. Green or pink or blue ? hmmmm, what to do ....
Did I tell you of my excursion into Internet shopping? Well, I normally choose to support my bricks & mortar quilt shops and refrain from shopping online. None-the-less, I have not been able to find an acrylic 1" honeycomb template for my Lucy Boston POTC. Grrrr, so last week I finally succumbed and ordered it online from Paper Pieces. Well, it was easy! fast and rather painless! Apart from Mastercard denying my purchase (at first, why I don't know) I now proudly possess the necessary template!!
One step closer to getting started on this project ..... wait for it :)

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